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  • Custom Domain
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Free website migration.
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WeldHost guarantees 24-hour free website migration with its hosting packages, or enjoy a month of free hosting if it’s delayed.

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Global data centers to improve your website

WeldHost has data centers around the world to deliver the fastest loading websites that's possible.

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We provide daily backups of your website and database. This way no data will ever
be lost.


ASP.NET hosting supports scalability by adapting resources to fluctuating demand for optimal application performance.

99.95% uptime. Guaranteed.

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime, ensuring continuity and reliability for websites and applications.

100% uptime
Advanced Security
Free Website Migration

Migrated website within 24h

Once you have found the hosting plan that suits you, we will help you move all your websites free of charge.

Migrate service within 24 hours, guaranteed—or your next month of hosting is free.

Website migration involves moving, configuring, and testing a site on a new host to ensure minimal downtime.

Enjoy free, seamless website migration trough our expert team.

About WordPress Hosting

Get support for various WordPress versions, giving you the freedom to work with the technology that best fits your project.



Technical Knowledge

Server Control


Support for Multiple PHP Versions

WordPress Hosting offers support for various PHP versions, adding flexibility and compatibility for diverse WordPress site development needs.

Support for MySQL and WP-CLI

WordPress hosting offers strong MySQL and WP-CLI support, enabling efficient WordPress site management, performance, and scalability.

Integration with WordPress Ecosystem

WordPress hosting integrates smoothly with themes, plugins, and tools, boosting website performance and user experience.

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